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The New Year

The MMXMF Silly Maverick Pose Contest was an absolute disaster; I got one suggestion. One! And here I thought I would be getting, like, hundreds of ideas! Oh well, it just goes to show that this little spoof of mine isn't nearly as funny or appreciated as I thought it would be when I started doing it (somewhere in the Middle Ages). It also shows that I'm not at all as funny as I think I am sometimes. It's always good to do some self-reflection, I guess. And that's why I'm continuing to be unfunny on the main page. Heck, it's my main page. I can be boring if I want to.

So anyway, what's up? Me? Still doing essay work, I'm afraid, so no new sequencing being done just now. I did update the About Me page a bit, though, since I thought it would be good if you actually knew who the heck I am (as opposed to now, where most of you seem to think I'm a fat, acne-faced guy locked up in a cupboard somewhere even though you've seen my picture).

Do take care, both of yourselves and others. You're all special in your own ways.